Friday, May 9, 2014

A Look Through Kaila's Lens

Tiny Turnip's Cuffed Two-Tone Hoodie
"To live, to love, and to laugh. I believe that when you find something to love, you should   pursue it. That you should embrace it. To find someone you love, or to find something you love is the greatest thing in the world. To love is to  live. And to live with laughter is evidence of a life with love. I have found a love.
As a photographer, I am able to capture the simple moments of life. Referred to as 'simple,' I believe that the simple moments are the most important events in our lives. It is in these moments that we learn what life with love and laughter truly is. I am blessed to be able to freeze these moments of life, love and laughter in what is know to be a photograph." 

 ~ Kaila Gates

Flutterby Dress

Everyone has a passion in life, and often times people's passions are completely different from one another's. However, that is what makes them so special.
When Kaila found her passion for photography and her sister's passion for modeling, the two collaborated to make a perfect team. While their talents are very different from each others', they are both equally valuable, and Tiny Turnip was fortunate enough to see them in action.

Below are a few beautiful photos Kaila captured of her sister in some of Tiny Turnip's very own pieces.

Stars and Stripes Cuffed Hoodie

                       Spring Around The Rosie Dress
Spring Around the Rosie Dress

Flutterby Dress

To see more of Kaila's photography, visit her Facebook page here.

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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Battling it out in October

It's the beginning of October. 

We were busy shipping out our first round of Tiny Turnip Playoff gear to customers, who were getting ready to battle it out to get to the next round. While, Saylor was battling just to get through the day. Loosing most of her gorgeous brown hair in one night, she was fighting. Saylor was diagnosed with Leukemia on Sept 17th, the night her mom had taken her to the hospital, thinking she was having a severe reaction to a bug bite. Five days later, Saylor started her first round of 10 days straight of chemotherapy.

Sayor radiates beauty. Her beauty shines from deep within her heart and is obvious from the moment you meet her. Captain of the JV Cheer Squad at San Clemente High School, and loved by her peers. Bright eyes, a wide smile, her mother's dimple and to top it off, a signature beauty mark on her left cheekbone. But not only is Saylor beautiful, Saylor is strong.

Saylor is also a fan of baseball... and of her brother, Sam. While most sisters dread going to their brother's baseball games, she wouldn't even consider missing one! She has always been one of Sam's biggest supporters. And now Sam is her biggest supporter. He is a perfect bone marrow match. A match made in heaven.

In October, Saylor couldn't go to Sam's games. She couldn't cheer. She couldn't do much of anything. But between her fevers, nausea and vomiting, she could watch the Playoffs. It was something to look forward to, and take her mind off of this nightmare she had found herself in. Giving her mom the play by plays of what was happening during the games, even though her mom was sitting there watching with her. She was excited. And this made her mom happy. So, after loosing her hair during Post Season. She watched as the Red Sox grew out their infamous beards, cheering for them to get all the way to VICTORY!

There is something to be said about home field advantage, and winning at "home", Just ask the MLB 2013 World Series Champions. You are surrounded by family, friends and fans! Who are not just spectating, but participating with you in your battles and celebrating with you in your triumphs. You are in your own community, and familiar with your surroundings. There is noise! There are cheers! Even if the odds are stacked against you, anything is possible! You are PUMPED! 

 So now it is time for our community to cheer for Saylor! To put on our strong face, our rally gear, our courage caps! To surround her and encircle her with our prayers and support. To encourage, empower and love her.
At home... and away.

Be Strong Saylor!
Your fans are behind you.

for more info about Saylor and how you can help:
Tiny Turnip for Saylor

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Tough Girl Teddy

Tiny Turnip Player Spotlight
Inspiration for our Tiny Turnip Characters comes from YOU!

Introducing a new Tiny Turnip Character in our Spring 2013 line up, Tough Girl Teddy. Not only strong and brave, but fun loving and sweet. Ready to tackle whatever comes her way, head on! Inspired by little Theodora (Teddy) Bailey, the daughter of Boston Red Sox pitcher, Andrew Bailey and his wife Amanda. 
The most amazing gift to her parents, Teddy came into the world 6 weeks premature.  Knowing she would need to stay in the hospital for precautionary reasons, they still were not expecting what came next. Within 24 hours of her new life, Teddy had to undergo surgery and endure many other challenges. As new parents Amanda and Andrew were consumed with emotion. They turned to each other, their families and God.  Knowing that God had a plan for Teddy and trusting He would watch over her. 

Today, Teddy is a beautiful, happy and healthy 6 month old baby girl. She loves to sing songs and of course, eat toys. She is one of the toughest little cookies that her parents know, and like all cookies, she is oozing with sweetness!  Her mother Amanda, says," Teddy reminds me each and every day to be thankful to God, And that with faith anything is possible."

Teddy with her parents at 3 months old, 
ready to watch Dad's baseball game in her Tiny Turnip.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pumpkins and Puppies

Tiny turnip has a handful of new art just in time for Fall. Slip on your mittens and enjoy our newest design! (As you can see, our own tiny turnip has followed in her Mother's artistic footsteps.)