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A Look Through Kaila's Lens

"To live, to love, and to laugh. I believe that when you find something to love, you should   pursue it. That you should embrace it. To find someone you love, or to find something you love is the greatest thing in the world. To love is to  live. And to live with laughter is evidence of a life with love. I have found a love.
As a photographer, I am able to capture the simple moments of life. Referred to as 'simple,' I believe that the simple moments are the most important events in our lives. It is in these moments that we learn what life with love and laughter truly is. I am blessed to be able to freeze these moments of life, love and laughter in what is know to be a photograph." 

 ~ Kaila Gates

Everyone has a passion in life, and often times people's passions are completely different from one another's. However, that is what makes them so special.
When Kaila found her passion for photography and her sister's passion for modeling, the two collaborated to …

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